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Compass Air Cargo B744 LZ-CJA [LNZ-102]

Liveries NZ - Release Announcement:

Originally built in 2001, for Singapore Airlines Cargo as a dedicated Freighter Aircraft (MSN:26559/1285). Registered as 9V-SFJ from 2001 till being taken up by ACT Airlines of Turkey from 2016 till 2023. Moving to the Bulgarian Carrier in July 2023. This aircraft suffered a tailstrike at Dammam in 2020 while serving with Saudi Arabian Airlines.

  • Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG)

  • 747-400F(PW)

  • Made by Logan Clarke

  • Prepar3D v4.5+

Liveries NZ Development Group - 2023

Compass Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F LZ-CJA

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